Things I love – Buying Christmas Gifts for Yourself

I realize this is a little behind, but I just wanted to throw it out there.

The hubby and I have a rule in December. No buying Christmas presents for yourself.  Not that we are against buying things, in fact we are quite good at it. But in the past we’ve had a problem with Christmas gifts, mainly telling someone we want something for Christmas, then buying it for ourselves right before Christmas, then ending up with two of whatever the thing is. It’s happened more than once, and I always feel bad when I have to return someone’s gift because I couldn’t wait the extra two weeks until Christmas. Hence the rule.  But rules are made to be broken.

This year we went Christmas shopping at the Mall of America on two separate occasions. The first time the only thing I bought was a winter coat for myself. But no one is going to by me a coat, and I really needed one, and it was really cute and on sale. Totally justifiable.

Then we went again December 23rd, Christmas Eve Eve, to pick up a few last minute items. We came home with an ottoman for our living room and a new iPad. We did manage to get the few gifts we needed, but spent way more time and money picking out things for ourselves. We did skip our usual tradition of spending $20 in 20 minutes for each other at Target. $40 on stocking stuffers or $600 on an iPad. I’d say they are about even, right?

I would like to note that I really like giving gifts to other people too. I just am not as good at knowing what other people will want.

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