Whatever Happened to WIP Wednesday?

When I came up with the idea to do a Work-in-Progress post each Wednesday, it didn’t really occur to me just how slowly I might be progressing. And by slowly, I mean not at all. I’ve had a couple inquiries on how my hex afghan is coming along. Here it is after being neglected for at least a month.

SAM_3922Not that I haven’t been busy. I’ve baked/cooked lots of things, but those are generally not multi-day projects, so they get posted right away. And it isn’t even that I haven’t been crocheting, I’ve just been working on gifts and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the eventual recipient, so those posts will have to wait until the items are delivered. 

One project on the docket for this week is grow your own sprouts. There’s still a foot of snow in some places in my backyard, but my itch to garden is being somewhat relieved by my ability to grow food in a jar on the kitchen counter. It takes 5 days to grow sprouts, so look for the post next week.  I just started last night, so nothing too exciting is happening yet.

SAM_3900And just because I’m not finished with several projects, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to start more. Here’s some yarn I picked up this weekend for yet another gift. You’ll see what I have planned for it in a month or two.

SAM_3928I also have a long weekend this week because Liam’s daycare is closed tomorrow and Friday, so I hope to get some cookies baked, and I have a bunch of avocados waiting to be guacamole, and some mangoes that need to be something, so hope I’ll have even more to post next week. 



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