It’s Wednesday again

Whew, I made my WIP Wednesday post in time this week. with 45 minutes to spare, minus however many minutes it will take me to actually write this. Plenty of time.

Well it’s been another busy week here. I finished up my Christmas cards this weekend, and they went in the mail on Monday. As soon as I hear people have actually received them, I’ll get a post up so you can all see how they turned out. For now I’ll just say that I am very happy with them, considering it was my first time doing any sort of lino block printing.

WIth the cards out of the way, I was able to start my holiday baking this week. So far I’ve got Cinnamon Roll cookies and chocolate bark with pistachios and cranberries finished. Tonight I made these gingersnaps I make every year. The last batch just came out of the oven.  I have a picture of delicious cookies to put here, but I’m having issues with wordpress and it won’t let me upload. You’ll just have to trust me that they look fantastically delicious.

I’ve also been finishing up my handmade gifts. Tonight I made some all natural wood polish out of beeswax and olive oil. So simple once you grate the beeswax, which was not exactly easy. Beeswax is harder than I realized. Anyway, stay tuned for my after Christmas posts to see what the polish is going to be used for.

Well since I can’t post photos, that’s all I have for tonight. I’m starting to feel like I could actually get everything I have planned done before Christmas. Just one more gift to finish and some candy to make. 


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