Ryan’s No Name Basil Vodka Cocktail


I have too much basil. I planted 3 plants this spring and now they are the size of a small hedge. More basil than I could possibly use before the first frost, which should be any day now seeing as it is mid October. Normally I turn basil into pesto and use it to make this Creamy Pesto Veggie Dip, but this year I decided to drink my basil instead.

Since I am complete rubbish at mixing drinks, I enlisted Ryan for this task. He has perfected the recipe over the summer. The key was St. Germain. I bought a bottle in an effort to replicate a drink I had a restaurant this fall with cilantro and jalapeno. My concoction was pretty much undrinkable, but when Ryan decided to give the St. Germain a go in his basil drink, well, it was delicious. The cocktail vaguely resembles a mojito, only with basil instead of mint and vodka instead of rum, so nothing like a mojito at all. When I asked him what he called it so I could title this post, he couldn’t come up with a name, so if you have a good idea, drop a note in the comments below. I’ll have Ryan pick the winner.

Start by gathering the ingredients. Vodka, St. Germain, basil, lime, ginger ale, and ice.

2013 10 12_1043

Next, juice the limes. One drink takes the juice of half a lime, so you’ll have to have two drinks. Can’t let the lime juice go to waste, now can we?

2013 10 12_1047
I love my Juice-O-Mat.

Now add the lime juice, 1 once vodka and 1 once St. Germain to a pint glass.

2013 10 12_1046
Why is this picture happening?

Then take a small handful of fresh basil leaves, place them in the glass, then muddle them with the liquor. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can also add a slice of jalapeno.

handful of basil
handful of basil 
in the glass
in the glass
properly muddled
properly muddled

Now add 5 ice cubes and enough ginger ale to fill the glass. Be sure to stir it before you drink it.

Ryan says 5 ice cubes, no more, no less.
Ryan says 5 ice cubes, no more, no less.
Add ginger ale...
Add ginger ale…
... and enjoy!
… and enjoy!

Trust me, it’s delicious. I’m on my 3rd glass since I started writing this. They just keep getting better. You’ll also have to forgive me for any typos…

Ryan's No Name Basil Vodka Cocktail
Like a mojito, only nothing like a mojito.
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  1. 1 once fresh squeezed lime juice
  2. 1 once vodka
  3. 1 once St. Germain
  4. 6-8 fresh basil leaves
  5. 1 slice jalapeno (optional)
  6. 5 ice cubes
  7. 6 ounces ginger ale
  1. Muddle lime juice, vodka, St. Germain, basil, and jalapeno (if using) in the bottom of a pint glass.
  2. Add ice and ginger ale.
  3. Stir.
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