Man Scarf

Apparently scarves aren’t manly. Being cold is manly. Whatever. Sick of seeing Ryan outside in the cold without proper attire, I told him I was going to crochet him a scarf. He could pick the color and I wouldn’t make it girly. I think I succeeded. If you can call this a pattern, I got it from Jenn Ozkan’s blog. It is really just a stitch, a modified half double crochet. The whole scarf is just done in the same stitch which creates lovely ribbing. It works up fast and almost looks like knit. Ryan now wears his man scarf all the time, even in the house. He can’t believe how much warmer it is to have your neck covered. Silly boy.

As a note, this also taught me how important blocking can be. I usually skip it because I just don’t care that much, but my tension on this scarf was not consistent and it was really obvious when I finished. So I bit the bullet and blocked it by dunking it in bath tub of hot water, squeezed the excess water out, then laid it out to dry, which took 2 days. You can see in the photo above that one edge is still just a little wonky, but the difference is amazing. Seriously, I was too embarrassed to take a before shot.



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