New Year’s Resolutions & Exercise

File this under Things I Hate. So of course it makes sense that every year I make a New Year’s resolution, and every year it is to exercise more, and every year I fail miserably at it. This year, I threw myself a softball. I didn’t pledge to exercise more, I pledged to use my Wii Fit every night. It might technically be exercise, but a strenuous work out it isn’t. Which is good, because I’m so out of shape a strenuous workout might kill me.

And I’m still failing. I managed to find excuses not to get off the couch and Wii Fit for the first 3 days of January. It’s a holiday, we were out late buying a TV, I need to watch the new TV, you get the gist.  Last night I finally bit the bullet, pulled myself away from my new iPad recipe app, and dug the poor Wii balance board out from under the bed.  Now, scary things live under my bed, mostly dust bunnies the size of small elephants made mostly of cat hair, so poor balance board was kinda gross. And dead, nothing would make its little blue light light up. I thought I got lucky, if the rechargeable batteries needed charging I could put off “exercising” for another night. But my wonderful husband found some batteries for me and I could finally get started.

So Balance Board is nice enough to remind me that it’s been 164 days since my last visit (I actually thought it was longer than that) and that I should visit every day for the best results.  At least I had only gained 5 pounds (and I weighed less than I had feared, guess I was really skinny 164 days ago). I then proceeded to do some Rhythmic Kung Fu. I beat the high score, but I’m pretty sure I pulled something in my arm.  I followed that up with some Advanced Step, but apparently I only have rhythm in kung fu form. I was left huffing and puffing, and was given the helpful tip that if I want a high score, I should try stepping on and off the board in time with the music. Really? Gee Thanks! So I quit for the night.

Tonight I have to go grocery shopping, which includes stopping for a burger and a beer at my favorite pub. I don’t think I’ll be able to find time for the Wii Fit.

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