What I Learned Today

Well, what I learned yesterday I guess, since it is 12:04 am.

My sister-in-law and I have gone to the theater to see each of the Twilight movies. It’s great fun. We are usually the oldest people there who didn’t bring their teenaged children with them. We find the movies awful in a wonderfully entertaining sort of way, and comment to ourselves about how bad they are throughout the film. This summer she moved to Boston so I hadn’t seen Breaking Dawn part 1 yet. But she is back in town for the holidays so tonight was our night to take in some sparkly vampire goodness.

She borrowed her mom’s car and picked me up at work. We were meeting some other friends for dinner, then on to the movie. As soon as I get in the car, she tells me “Remind me that I am going to need gas before we go to the movie.” She had nearly a quarter tank, but we had almost an hour drive to get to dinner. We forget all about gas as we took too long at the restaurant and are running late to the movie. No problem, we still have enough gas to get us to the theater, but not enough to get the hour back to my house. There is an SA next to the theater, we’ll get gas after the movie.

The movie exceeds our expectations of splendid awfulness and we are busy discussing it when we realize several miles towards home that we once again forgot gas.  Good luck, we haven’t left civilization yet, so we take the next exit and stop at Holiday. Then she turns to me and asks, “do you know how to unlock the fuel lid?”

Of course I don’t, this isn’t my car, or even my mom’s car. Of course it has to be a fancy car where it is locked, not one where you can just open the little door up. That would be far too easy. We search the dash, console, glove compartment, floor for a button to unlock it. No luck. On my car, you just push on it and it pops open. That doesn’t work either. Now this is staring to get funny. We are two 30-something women who cannot figure out how to get gas in our car. People are starting to stare at us as we get in and out without ever pumping any gas. We joke that we look like those stupid criminals you read about. You know, the two girls who stole a car but got caught when then called the police to help them unlock the fuel lid.

I should mention that it was late, or we would have called my in-laws right away, but we didn’t want to wake them. We were just about to give up and call, when it dawns on me to check the glove box for a manual. Eureka! A little searching and we find our answer, you need to push unlock on the key fob, then push on the wrong side of the door to open it. Who would have guessed that?

Moral of the story. If one is borrowing a car, one should make sure they know how to put gas in it.  And everyone should see the new Twilight movie, if just for the horrible scene with the talking CG wolves. It’s awesome.

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