Things I Love: White Elephant Gifts

This post is a week late, I apologize. The Christmas season has me very busy in projects of all sorts and blogging has fallen to the wayside. I promise to try to catch up.

Last weekend my good friends Heidi and Brian hosted a lovely holiday party as they’ve been doing for years now. It’s always a good time. This is the 2nd year where the festivities have included a white elephant gift exchange. We play the dice game to distribute the gifts among the guests, and we allow for steals. There is nothing like watching a room of full grown adults fight over who is going to take home the giant grape filled with kool-aid or the Betty White wall calendar. There are also the items you know will show up again next year, as the eventual “winner” was immediately plotting how to get rid of their prize. I am a little saddened that no one was too excited about my Carmen Electra Strip Tease/Tony Hawk Skateboarding Tips DVD double feature, but I feel we came out okay.

Ryan is very excited about his digital talking coin jar. The next morning we were heading to the mall for some Christmas shopping. He wanted to be out of the house by 11 am. 11:15 rolled around and he was still upstairs so I decided to go see what was keeping him. He had emptied our piggy bank of spare change and was gleefully dropping it into the talking coin jar and listening to it tally up our meager savings. Just yesterday he suggested taking the coins to the bank for some extra holiday spending money only to stop himself. He really wants to wait until its full, so we can find out how much the talking coin jar can hold.

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