What I learned today – Weekend Edition

I learned two very important lessons this weekend.

  1. Wine cures a sore throat. Any liquor would probably do, but wine was what was I was offered.  I only had two glasses, nothing crazy. But after a few sips I felt better, and after the 2nd glass I felt like a rockstar.  And the next morning my throat was a little dry and scratchy, but nothing like the burning fire of the day before. It’s like the Simpsons say, alcohol really is, “the cause of and solution to, all of life’s problems. “
  2. When a recipe calls for greasing the pan, you should actually do it. Complete crisis was averted with a good spatula and some elbow grease, but golly gee would it have been easier if I would have just spayed a little Pam on the pan before I started.

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